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TSRN is an approved American Safety and Health Institute Training Center authorized to train and certify students and instructors through ASHI Health and Safety programs. We are a nurse owned and operated company located in Montgomery County, Md. ASHI’s resuscitation programs conform to national standards and are based on the same scientific guidelines and treatment recommendations found in the 2015 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR), the same as those used by the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) for course development.

Our CPR Instructor Development Course is offered to candidates interested in training CPR, First Aid and other health and safety training programs in a variety of settings.

Who Can Become a CPR and First Aid Instructor with TSRN?

Candidates interested in becoming an ASHI Instructor must be 18 years or older and have a valid student-level certification in the training program the CPR instructor candidate wishes to teach. No prior teaching experience or medical knowledge required.

How To Become a CPR Instructor?

A candidate can become an ASHI certified CPR/First Aid  instructor by successful completion of the Instructor Development Course (IDC) or by Reciprocity – Acceptance of current credentials from another nationally recognized organization.

What Is The ASHI Instructor Development Course (IDC)?

The ASHI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is designed to impart to interested candidates the knowledge and skills they need to become effective ASHI Instructors. Participants develop the confidence and competence needed to teach, evaluate and certify participants in ASHI CPR and Basic First Aid training programs. The IDC’s core content consists of fundamentals of presentation and skills instruction, and can be customized with provider-level program content to meet Instructor-candidates’ needs.

The Instructor Development Course includes:

  • Two Power Packed Sessions of Core Instructional Content: 
  • Sessions One: Self Study Instruction Knowledge content  
    • In this session you will review 15 learning objectives. Successful completion of this session is based on achievement of 70 % or better on a 50 question written exam.
  • Session Two: Instructional Presentation and Skill Development 
    • In this session you will present a 5-10 minute pre-assigned lecture/discussion. The topic will be pre-assigned from me from the course topics you wish to be authorized to teach.
  • ASHI Instructor Development Course Student Handbook (pdf)
  • Access to student level training videos, manuals  and power point presentations
  • Video recorded Performance Evaluation and feedback
  • 1:1 live question and answer
  • Break Out Session with Your Instructor on:
    • How to Set Up Your First Class
    • Why You Should Offer Blended Training
    • How to Create a Customized Instructor’s Manual for the Classroom Experience
    • How to Access Your Instructor Resources and Marketing Material in OTIS
    • How to Build Your Training Kit without Breaking the Budget
    • and more!

How Much Does The IDC Course Cost?

Most Instructor Development Courses range from $500 – $900

TSRN’s Instructor Development course a $597.00 value is only $397.00 for non-TSRN trainers and only $197.00 for new TSRN Instructors.

Yep, that’s right!! All candidates interested in affiliating with TSRN for a minimum of 1 year will receive a “Welcome to the Family” $200.00 discount dropping the price to only  $197.00 WOW, what a deal!!

After successful completion of the IDC program, each candidate will apply and pay for a their new instructor level certification card. The fee is $50 and must be renewed every two years. The Initial certification fee is waived for TSRN Trainers.

What Program Will New Instructors Be Able to Teach?

After successfully completing the IDC course, you will be authorized to teach CPR, AED and Basic First Aid  for all ages as long as your are affiliated with an approved training center like TSRN.

How Do I Register For The Course?

Complete the Online Application Here.  After review of your application and supporting documents, TSRN will send an acceptance email to qualified candidates and instructions on how to complete the registration process and access the IDC course.

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